Herbert Terry

The iconic 'Anglepoise' lamp designed by mechanical engineer George Carwardine and produced by Herbert Terry & Sons showcases British industrial design at its best.

Herbert Terry, one of 12 children, established his spring winding business, Herbert Terry and Sons, in a terraced house in Redditch in the early 1900s. Although Terry soon acquired more suitable premises, he remained in Redditch, developing a highly successful specialist spring business.

Although his company was successful as a parts manufacturer Terry soon realised that larger profits could be made by offering complete products - the only hurdle was finding a product to manufacture. That is where mechanical engineer George Carwadine entered the picture with perfect timing.

In the 1920s, Carwardine ran a company designing and manufacturing suspension parts. Carwadine was inspired by the constant tension principle of human limbs and spent his free time developing a spring loaded mechanism which could be both flexible and stable, like a human arm.

By 1932 Carwadine had suitably refined his invention, creating a lamp able to focus light in a controlled and adjustable manner. The lamp was named the 'Anglepoise' and was patented on July 4 that year. Carwadine then set off in search of the best springs available, Herbert Terry and Sons was his first stop.

The first 'Anglepoise' lamp was manufactured by Herbert Terry in 1933 and one of Britains most enduring and successful industrial design icons was born.